Other projects

EEU Rehabilitation and Expansion Project

The project was part of Ethiopia Electric Utility plan to deliver electricity for ruler villages and towns. We’d delivered 10km of 300/500/600 Dan concrete pole distribution line survey, Design and Installation from Dilla substation – Wenago city on the way to Yergachefe line. The project includes site clearing, transporting, and installation of MV/LV transformers and finally commissioning and Energizing the lines.

Ethiopia – Kenya Power System Connection 500kv HVDC Converter Station Project

EMPIRE TRAID AND ENGINEERING P.L.C. were able to Install more than 1200 fiber cables in WOLAYTA SODO 500KV HVDC converter station, Konso Repeater stations and Mega Repeater stations. Furthermore ETE.PLC was tasked in: - 1. Substation Commissioning 2. Splicing OPGW cable 3. Termination of fiber optic cable 4. Testing and rectifying 5. Link Testing via OTDR, Power meter, Talk set And our company had achieved the required goals in all aspects.


1. Provide OTDR Diagnostics Test/Troubleshooting for Dedeasa – Renascence dame 500kv transition line in lot-4 (345km and 774 towers) and Lot-6 (345km and 774 towers) 2. Identify Were the Problem Is and locating the problematic area Including the Tower No. in both lots. Indicate different remarks on the places which requires maintenance. (i.e. remarks shall include compensation for farmers, Road, GPS points… etc.) And also estimate the length of OPGW required for maintenance. 3. Prepare OTDR test result report in PDF format

Sululta – Gebregurach 400/230KV substation and Transmission Line Project

The project focused on replacing the original conductor with a bigger diameter conductor as the line was facing corona effect. The designated sub-contractor Mondotech Engineering Technology p.l.c. takes the installation and commission work. EMPIRE TRAID AND ENGINEERING P.L.C. supplies all the Equipment and Machineries required for the project (i.e. Puller and tensioner, hydraulic cutters, Pilot Wire, Compression machine, Drum jack, swivels, rollers, socks, Reals,… etc.)